18 December 2017

A Last minute gifts idea for BFFs on a budget

It is cold and everyone would love to escape to the sun (maybe not if you love snow) My point is every mum would love a “me time” lying in bath tub full of flowers soap, a de-stressing mask on their face, the candle burning at the side making the whole experience so sweet and relaxing! A mini bubbles bottle to have fun with (to be honest it is for your child so he/she forgets about you..haha)

I love personalised gifts especially when it has to be done on a strict budget! I hate gift that are been given for the sake of intentions or gestures! I would prefer you to keep your money for something else even if it is £1 (not to be rude, but what’s the point though? intention? no thanks! A warm hug and an honest merry Christmas would be enough, let me feel the love, here... that’s the point)

My theme is obviously a beach theme! You have the cocktails gels and shells you can play with and decorate a corner of your house with later!

I spent less than £7 on each gifts, what you might spent on a gift set bought on a strict budget (as I love to call it) but the difference here is that not only it is cute and personalised it has been thoughtfully wrapped up, handmade with love heey.. :)

Products used:

I hope you like this cute and simple idea of last minutes gifts on budgets for BFFs! Enjoy your Christmas shopping!!


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