1 December 2017

The nativity scene

Apparently, kids don’t like wooden toys because they don’t make noises according to Orange is the new black … :)
I love wooden toys! If I could I would get only wooden toys.

You know my opinion on supporting the belief of a bearded man if you read this, however, one thing I’m eager to tell my son about is the story of baby Jesus! Therefore I decided to start with the children nativity set! We are getting a book too, of course! :)
I wanted something my son can play with, and which I can also display. I’m in love with my choice!

Melissa and Doug wooden Nativity set

I grew up having the nativity scene under our Christmas tree, until the year where we were old enough to set up the tree ourselves and lost / broke most part of the set! Don’t even ask about the decoration pieces; I was number one breaking them among my siblings, especially the nicely wrapped gift ornaments!

Its now my turn to tell my kid “do not touch” non-stop! As my mum used to tell us “ one day your kids will do the same to you” :)

Do you always display a nativity scene too?

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