6 April 2018

Happy new year 2018!!

I think it is fine to wish people a happy new year even in the middle of the year, right?
Well I am! I do hope everything is going well for all of you so far! As for me all is well! I’m thankful!

Last year has been a really thoughtful year for me and I’m just so thankful for all I have been through! A month before the new year I started adopting some new resolutions and I dropped some already but they led me to new ones and it took me more than two months to sort everything out! Conclusion: I know I’m not done yet! 

I feel like I’m at this stage of my life where my eyes are opening on new experiences, I’m learning and questioning a lot! and the most important part is that I’m willing to go for what float my boat. At the end of the day I know I have tasted it, even if I find out it wasn't for me!
One thing I’m not done with yet, is being present on my blog and youtube account! In this video I share a bit of my new year resolutions and the plan, which I have for my social accounts especially youtube! I definitely love sharing but I really don't want to be sharing for the sake of it, cause myself I get nothing out of it but a mediocre and unpleasant outcome!

I hope you will be happy to stick with me while I’m going through the waves of my life! As for me I will be glad to see you around still!

I hope you enjoy this video and wishing you the best for this new year!
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