5 October 2018

My Maternity bag

Hello everyone! I filmed a “what are in my baby and I hospital bags”
I was reluctant to blog about this because there are so many posts on the topic already! 

Then I thought to myself that I might have some tips, which I can share, my experience with labour and delivery once and the fact that my pregnancy has been classified as high risk make a lot of difference! 

Even though I have followed a guide, I believe that packing your hospital bag remains a personal thing!

The guide I have followed is from the book I have referred to throughout my pregnancy and didn’t stop telling to you about. In the book, there is  everything in details, essentials for labour, after birth and optional items to take with you to the hospital or when delivering at home! Moreover, the book goes further to tackle life after birth! As I said, you have every subject you might be inquisitive about, in the book!

I don’t think it is right for me to put down all these details here for you!  But I’m going to share with you what I took with me! Also, note that this blog post and the video complement each other.

Again keep in mind that these lists are based on my own experience, the fact that I might stay a long time at the hospital and let’s not forget that my baby is due in June (summer baby), it is hot!

⚫️Baby’s bag

✔️A pack of newborn size nappy
✔️A nappy cream (Bepanthen)
✔️1 pack of cotton wool pad (extra large)
✔️A spray bottle
✔️1 Newborn wipes
✔️1 Johnson’s head to toe baby bath
✔️2 blankets
✔️1 face cloth
✔️4 sleepsuits 
✔️4 bodysuits with sleeves 
✔️4 sleeveless bodysuits 
✔️1 going home/photo shoot outfit
✔️2 newborn hats
✔️3 pairs of socks
✔️2 scratch mittens
✔️3 Muslin squares
✔️1 bib 
✔️1 pacifier 
✔️1 baby comforter

⚫️My bag

✔️Personal toiletries/washing kit

Body puff
Tooth brush
Hand sanitiser
Body butter
Manuka Doctor Apiclear face cream 
Dr organic tea tree toner
Dr organic tea tree face wash
Dove Shower gel

                    ✔️1 pack of Tena silhouette lady sanitary pants
                    ✔️2 nursing bras
                    ✔️1 going home dress
                    ✔️1 cardigan
                    ✔️1 dressing gown
                    ✔️2 nightdresses, breastfeeding friendly
                    ✔️5 pairs of nursing pad (Lansinoh)
                    ✔️1 pair of cosy flip flops
                    ✔️1 large cloth for tummy wrapping
                    ✔️1 pair of socks, a sleep mask and ear plugs


                    ϖ The Tena silhouette lady pants were so convenient and comfortable, I will give it 5 stars

                    ϖ I took a pair of socks, sleep mask and ear plugs I once received at the hospital! I did not use them. They were last minutes addition. You know I needed everything to make me feel as if I was going to a holiday! :)

                    ϖ I did not wrap my stomach at the hospital. Stay tuned for my labour and delivery stories! Nevertheless, long story short, I had so many issues with my stomach and wrapping it was the last thing that crossed my mind! After a month I purchased the belly bandit bamboo belly wrap. I love it; this is my second time using it! The inconvenience in my opinion is that it is bulky and too obvious under your outfit! However, now that I am feeling much better, I’m eyeing the Belly bandit C- section Undies. If I get it I will be updating you!

                    ϖ It is recommended to introduce pacifier only after 6 weeks if you are breastfeeding! I got myself one just because I thought it was “too cute not to buy” and for the “we never know”… :) we used it a couple of times. For those days when I really reaaally needed my hands free and my body somewhere else! And again I think I did this because I had it around. I quickly packed it away, scared that it would disturb my milk supply.

                    ϖ I took one bib because I only had that one bib then. I knew the muslin squares would do the job for me! If you are wary about dirtying baby clothes, you might want to take more than one as well as the muslin squares! As for me, I love changing them as often as I can..HiHi

                    ϖ I used the baby nappy cream from the first change; I did not wait and “so far so good”.

                    ϖ At the hospital I find it difficult to shower my babies! I believe it is because of where I stayed while convalescing. I don’t actually stay at the maternity ward! Because your girl is always having hard time recovering! Consequently, they don’t allow me to bath my babies! This time we ended up wiping baby with hot water and using Klorane baby cleansing rinse. I knew this would happen that’s why I packed a little head to toe wash just for my mum :) When we got home we started bathing and creaming baby using Aveeno baby Dermexa products. I have used Aveeno products for my boy too after trying many brands, if you are concerned about dry skin, I will definitely recommend Aveeno products.

                    As usual, I’m hoping you find this blog post and the video useful. And if you do, you know what to do, like  my video, share this post and suscribeeee!
                    Your questions, if you have any, are welcomed!!!
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