9 October 2018

Two years already!

Recently, I came across those snapchat memories! And they were videos of the day I shot my first official blog post! My heart smiled as I was watching them! Two years already, two whole years since I have decided to make this bold move! ‘Lets see how it goes’ I said. 
Two years and I’m still here, trying my best to put up valuable and interesting contents!

Then I asked myself, why don’t I celebrate ME! I already know the answer!
Nonetheless, I finally decided I should do this! It doesn’t really matter what my blog represent to others, it matters what it represents to me! 

Therefore I chose to celebrate by putting up another content reflecting on what blogging represents to me now!

On that first official blog, I tried to look fancy without compromising too much! If you ask my opinion, I did nothing extra but just “being me” despite all the efforts to look otherwise :) In fact I looked ridiculously funny for someone who was trying to look fancy!

So in this new post I went back to the same place, and without trying this time. I wore an outfit I would gladly wear everyday! The only new item is the short sweatshirt jacket, which I carefully chose in the medium size because a cropped top is not my “bestie”! If you know what I mean! And I made sure I could nurse in it! The rests of my outfit are items that I own for years and wear often, especially my shoes! My husband already threatened to throw these shoes away:) I love them because I feel like I’m wearing socks outside the house!

I’ve always wanted to blog, especially to create videos! The time I finally decided to start blogging was a time where I became a new mum and found it difficult to fit in! 
Around me, mums would chat friendly to each other and I was talked to as their youngest sister who made the mistake to become a mum too early! This did not change, In fact it became worse with two kids! 
I decided to start sharing online to meet people who might have the same interests as me! I have come across a couple of very nice people! But what has changed was “me”. I didn’t crave the friendship of other mums around me anymore; I started to love creating contents, experiencing with things I would have not normally go for, looking forwards to tomorrow as I’m planning my next content! And especially documenting all the memories that I have been creating with my family!

Blogging has taught me to accept and love who I am and not to try to be someone else because you can’t give what you don’t have!
It forced me to become a bit selfish. Selfish is also good, especially if you are someone who cares too much about what others think of you! I have spent free times creating contents and those who love me never said a word! I know I have been laugh at, I’ve been told to stop, and I’ve also been encouraged and supported by some! 

I still feel shy taking photos in public and pose awkwardly. I don’t often look down on myself anymore, and with this, comparing myself to other bloggers has left me, trying to stand out no matter the price has also left. What remains is just an unapologetic me! 
Nevertheless, I’m a work in progress! 
But let me say it: I’m proud of myself, for if I had never dared to take this step I would have never learnt all that I know today!
 I won’t ever again look back at yesterday and say to myself "I wish I had started yesterday" or "I hope I will start tomorrow!" I did

So much happened during these two years, and I’ve learnt so much! Though the most important thing to retain is that I understood that blogging is mostly for myself! I take joy in looking back and there are some contents that I love to watch and read again and again, even if those contents are not among my popular uploads!

Honestly, I don’t know where I’m going with this, but I love it so I might as well keep going until I find no need to do so!

And thanks to those of you who are supporting this crazy adventure of mine! You are the real MVPs!


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