22 November 2017

DIY advent calendar countdown for kids

It is the countdown for Christmassssssssss !!!!
I know this sound so duhhh especially if you are an adult trying to be good at “adulting”! Lets not go into this subject!

But let’s adopt traditions and create memories!!! Why not?
Nothing is much more important than to create the life you desire to live! (I think)

If you read my last year Christmas post, you know I decided to make this year Christmas more exciting for my little one!
He is growing and he is becoming much more aware of what is happening around him and what more ideal to start a tradition when they are young?

I want him to grow up being excited for Christmas and grateful for what he gets, that is why I would love him to know about Santa but he needs to look at mummy and daddy with an exciting smile and be like “Thank you, I love you” it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t say this now, but I hope this is what he thinks! :)

I grew up knowing about Santa but I knew the gifts we were receiving were from our parents. The most I remember is those days where our teachers would ask us to bring our gifts and they would keep them until the school Christmas party and called out our names to come and get our gifts (what we brought ourselves) from the Christmas father who actually is this black man with white hair everywhere and mind you … with his face coloured in white paint or chalk I will say, and if they had pay attention, with white gloves, otherwise you see the whole picture with black hands and wonder why?? Why? Where are your gloves? Or why didn’t you paint your hands too? Maybe I was the only one who always noticed …

I laugh when I see kids believing so hard in Father Christmas, it is cute though don’t get me wrong, but no! I want my son to know we bought him those! 

I’m also this parent or if I may, one of these typical African parents who want their kids to learn something valuable from every game they take part of! Hihihi I know, but I can’t help!

I have decided that a countdown to Christmas for my son will not be only fun and exciting for him but also it will be my way to teach him patience! I’m hoping that he will learn every single day from the beginning of December to wait (impatiently or patiently, it doesn’t really matter) for the next day to open up a new gift! Wish me luck :)

Overall what you need to know about this DIY is that I had in mind to do something fun and cheap  but a traditional countdown item! Yes it wasn’t cheap! Even if I had decided to put only the kinder eggs in my basket, those would still cost me £24. But All I can see is everything in the bin except the chocolate, so I decided to go for things that my son will love and can keep!

Apart from that I didn’t have to purchase anything else that I used to make our countdown tree (advantage of being a crafter). You can purchase everything, already made, if you don’t mind a non-customised item! I listed some below!

I hope you have fun adopting a new tradition this year and creating memories with your loved ones !!!
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