23 November 2017

My NYX 24 days of lip advent calendar

Yasss ! I’ve got my NYX advent calendar countdown! Last year it was only a wish and 🎼look at me now… look at me now!! :)

As you can guess, I’m very excited about this!
 I have chosen to go for a beauty advent calendar, which contains only lip colours because as you probably know from this post, I’m very bad at choosing my lip colours!

Now I have 24 shades, which I will have to try and wear and if I don’t like them very much, at least they are in small sizes and we can use them for Halloween :)

I have also decided to have fun with this countdown by putting on a beautiful face of makeup, which I think will go with the lip colour of the day. I will be playing with my Jacklin hill X Morphe eye palette and post on my social media especially Instagram, so if you want to see how this goes, make sure to follow me over there
I guess now that I said it, I have to do it, hihihi

If you are impatient to know how these lip colours looks like, I have found a video of this girl (Eltoria) opening advent calendars! Check her out if you are willing to get yourself a countdown to Christmas! And why wouldn’t you?

Also, I have put together some selections of mine below, I wish I can have them all :)


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