26 April 2018

Finger coils style... Finally!!!

Hi y'all! I have finally found the way to finger coil my hair! You might be tired of hearing me saying this everywhere, but if like me you have never succeeded after many trials you will understand the feeling and I think my experience could help somebody! We never know!

First of all I understood one thing about the style, take your time, therefore make time for it, it is worth it, I know now!

I kept this style on for 2 weeks and personally I think it was still looking ok but...I will get to why I decided to wash my hair after two weeks very soon!

Another first step for this style in my opinion is a hair well detangled and easy to manage! 
I did this hairstyle the next day after my Aphogee two-step protein treatment! 

Before, when I try to twirl my hair even well detangled, the process is slow because my hair won't nicely cooperate and I have a lot of hair tangles, maybe due to the stickiness of the gel and the leave in-conditioner I was using! You might end up with a dread or let’s just say, if you are planning to separate your coils, they won't cooperate, and all the time you have spent is gone to the bin! I know what I'm talking about!

I used only one product, the Aphogee style and wrap mousse, ok two if we count the water, this one is free so...:) 
If you watch my treatment video then you know I already have a liquid leave-in conditioner (Aphogee Provitamin leave-in conditioner) in my hair before I wet it and applied the mousse

One of the best part using the Aphogee style and wrap mousse is that your hair dries quickly! No need to wait for the next day or even two days! I dried it with my hair drier and it took me just a couple of minutes! 

I dumped my gel, you guys, and I’m best friend with the styling mousse now! I think you can use any styling mousse you have, I'm not an expert of mousse, but they also behave like gel, maybe it will depend on the texture of your hair! My hair behaves well with mousse and another advantage is that I won't have to worry about the flakiness and hard crispy feel you get from using too much gel!

I decided to do smaller sections because I wanted the volume without having to separate the coils. I wasn't sure if that would happen but it did and I believe that this is one of the reasons why I got to keep this style for a long time!

Make sure you twirl your hair sections very well from the root, otherwise they will unravel and your hairstyle won't last. 
The back of my hair wasn't well done, I understood this later when I came to the front of my head (practice makes improvement), and because of the frizz in my root I was afraid my hair will tangle too much and cause breakage if I keep the style for longer than this. Plus I feel like two weeks is enough!

Here, you go, I really hope this also works for somebody! All I can say is that what work for others might not work for you, and therefore you got to keep trying! Good luck!!



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