19 April 2018

Aphogee two-step protein treatment for processed or natural hair

I'm excited to share this with you, so if you have never heard of it or you are asking yourself if this product is worth it? Then Yes yes yes!

I discovered this brand through fusion of culture, she made a review video on the Aphogee Curlific range, which I also purchased and I will be reviewing soon with a first impression video! Why not go ahead and check her review out ... here!

To start, I would love to mention that I'm not a hair specialist and the main reason why I ended up using this treatment is because I realised how bad I have been with my hair and I wanted to give it some love! I’m glad I did! Even though, I can read something and something sulphate (sodium laurette sulphate) as ingredient in the shampoo, which is not recommended for a keratin treated hair... I’m good y'all hahaha

Joke aside!

The treatment is supposed to stop hair breakage and rebuild hair structure. 
I would have never bought this product if I had first read on the label that it was meant for professional use only. I then went ahead and researched more about it!
 I noticed that there are different hair types mentioned depending on the packaging:

  • For colour-treated, relaxed or permed
  • And for processed or natural hair

On my treatment bottle it is written ‘for processed or natural hair'
I noticed that the most popular are those mentioning ' for colour-treated, relaxed or permed'

Regardless, I would love to highlight the fact that natural hair don't need much protein compared to chemical treated hair, but a good balance of protein is still needed!

Moreover, my hair is colour-treated, so I thought why not?

Now that I have taken the risk, I think you can as well, just make sure your hair need it and follow the instructions very well and learn from my mistakes, that's why I did the video! :)

I really loved the products; it made my hair so soft in a way I have never experienced before! I swear! My hair was so easy to manage and I finally succeeded at a finger coil style with one of the Aphogee product, can you believe this?? (Stay tuned for the post)!

The treatment should be repeated every 6 weeks. Personally, I will be going back to this treatment in way more than 6 weeks, maybe 12 weeks or even more! And it took me some time! So, plan a hair day! 
Otherwise, The same treatment comes in a different kind: the hair strengthening kit, which you can use every 2 to 3 weeks and, apparently it takes less time compare to the one I have used, as it is a less stronger treatment. In my opinion they are the same as they both claim to do the same thing. They just have different names! If you are not too sure about taking the risk to use the two-step protein treatment, I will recommend the hair strengthening kit instead, especially if you have natural hair!

What I have learnt when it comes to the direction:

-  It is recommended to use the Aphogee shampoo for damage hair, but I believe that it is not compulsory whereas the balancing moisturiser is, as it is always sold with the two-step protein treatment. Therefore, I bought the deep moisture shampoo, and it is really moisturising!

-Get a product applicator to apply the two-step protein treatment and a spray bottle to apply your provitamin leave-in conditioner! It will save you some products and make your life easier! They are watery!

-If you are going to clip your hair in order to free your face from the sticky two step protein product, make sure you do it nice and gently so you can remove them without moving your hair when the product has dried up, the direction strictly forbid it and do not cover your hair either!

I hope I did not bore you too much with all these, I needed to make sure I'm sharing something I'm assured about! Our hair has a confusing story, you will need a dictionary for it and sometimes what we thought was right becomes wrong, therefore go with what you think is right for your hair! 

Hope you enjoy the video and find this helpful xx




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