3 May 2018

Aphogee Curlific!!!!

Hellooo! This is the Aphogee Curlific range review.... finally! Well, I did not get the shampoo! But I regret it now I think it is worth getting it...we will come back to this!

First thing first!

The texture treatment.... OMG! This product is just amazing. It detangled my hair very well, I actually used it on my finger coils style without combing it first! I didn't have to use much, something very unusual from me, as I hate detangling my hair so I just pour conditioner in it and hope for the best. Obviously, looking at the amount of product this is, I did not dare pouring. Bonus is the smell, heavenly!

The Moisture rich leave-in is not bad! What I love the most about it is the fact that you can spray the cream! And therefore you are also using less amounts, I’m guessing...

And the curl definer, I’ve got defining curls for over two weeks! Do I need to say more? I wish the amount of product is much more than what you get, but you are not supposed to use it as I did! Taking into account the fact that my hair lasted long I don't think we can get mad at this point either!

Now, I'm one of those people who feel like products got to be used as recommended, what I mean is, to use the leave-in as well as the curl definer but of course sometimes you need to close your eyes on this! So...it is up to you!

I closed my eyes on the shampoo but I feel like it is worth getting it! It is meant for our textured hair, sulfate and paraben free and combining it with the texture treatment will only make everything merrier!

And…the products are really affordable! If you are buying online, take into account the delivery. Personally, I’m very happy with the prices.

Okiii! I hope you find this post and the video helpful and enjoyable, until next time, take good care!!!




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