10 May 2018

Beauty Storages!!! Beautify/Vintage boxes

Hello beautiful people! I decided to review my beauty storages as I have found them very useful and good quality, plus they keep our space organised! It is very important for me to have an organised space and it was time to upgrade!

It took me so long to finally decide on the Beautify acrylic storages, as I wanted something big enough for all my everyday products, good quality, versatile and stylish at the same time! I’m very happy with my choices! 

I’m most in love with the black acrylic sets! Due to the colour, the quality is more pronounced in my opinion but I needed a bit of colour too! 
The large blush pink acrylic storage is not bad at all, the versatility and all the unexpected space that I have won me over!

When it comes to the vintage jewellery box it was a gift from my husband! Since I love it so much I included it in this post! It has many compartments and it is beautifully designed! The most important thing: I have found it useful!

I have included two black and rose gold small size baskets, which I've bought from Primark! They are affordable! I love their sizes, not too small, not too big!

When it comes to the lights, I’ve got the mini cinema lightbox from Primark too, on sale. I thought to myself let me have one of these things since it was reduced and the size was perfect for somebody like me who is trying to have less stuff around her! 

The LED string lights are so good quality; They brighten on their own the whole beauty space at night! Love it! Only thing is that for a meter it was expensive in my opinion but the quality is making up to it!

Well, I hope you like and find some sort of inspirations through this post!


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